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Retail Store Interior Design of American Design Club Showroom, New York

American Design Club, Brooklyn

Brand’s Overview / Information :

Established on Spring 2008, American Design Club (AmDC) as a platform from which designers could launch new ideas and connect with one another.

Aimed to bring together designers working and living in America, the AmDC brings together a beautiful selection of independent designers furniture, lighting, home decor, jewelry, and gifts.

Back to 2008, America’s relevance in the design world was being questioned, with some postulating that US-based designers would never be as influential or productive as their European counterparts. Looking around, however, all AmDC’s founding members saw was talent and ambition in their fellow American designers, from close friends to former employers to recent design school graduates. What was missing was an avenue for these designers to share their work with a broad audience.

Based on the situation, the AmDC’s founding members resolved to improve the situation by creating a platform from which designers could launch new ideas and connect with one another. The premise was simple: create a theme, ask everyone to submit, select the strongest pieces and display them. It proved to be a great formula. AmDC hit the ground running in October 2008 with its first themed show, Outside of Sorts. AmDC has since seen a huge number of talented emerging designers benefit from the exposure gained from displaying their work in the shows. AmDC have complemented these shows with an online shop, designer collaborations, gift fair booths, pop-up shops and sponsored events in conjunction with like-minded companies.

Contact Details / Address :

American Design Club (AmDC)
63 Flushing Ave Bldg 3 Ste 404 Unit 191
Brooklyn, NY 11205
United States

Featured Images / Pictures from The Photo Gallery
American Design Club Tablecase Design at Americas Mart 2015, Atlanta