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Custom Designed Tea Towels for Restaurant by Au Retour, Brooklyn

Au Retour, Brooklyn’s Textile Design and Print Studio

Au Retour, Brooklyn-based Textile Design and Print Studio

Brand’s Overview / Information :

Founded by Emily Diehl in 2010, Au Retour is a textile design and print studio currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

Au Retour offer a line of printed home goods and accessories. Au Retour’s textiles reflect a love of experimentation, materials and formal exploration. Modern and contemporary art, plants, modern architecture, traditional crafts, futbaalll and utopian movements are just a few of the obsessions that inspire Au Retour’s work.

Each design of Au Retour starts as an experiment in the studio – block printing, folding and weaving paper, sketches in water color – all make their way into the computer so they can be put in repeat and set up for printing.

Au Retour use a variety of different printing techniques – from hand screen printing, to block printing, to digital fabric printing to embroidery – each project and design takes on a life of its own.

Made in small batches, Au Retour’s pillows and fabrics are printed on natural cotton and linen blends with non-toxic water based inks and fiber reactive dyes that are hand sewn in New York.

Originally from Virginia, Emily studied printmaking and painting before moving to Brooklyn, NY in 2006. Building on her background in painting she began her work in textiles by taking fragments of her sketches for paintings and developing them into screen prints and patterns for fabric.

Contact Details / Address :

Au Retour
563 Rogers Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11225
United States

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