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Pop Up Shop Tablecase of Brooklyn Butcher Blocks at American Field, New York

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks, New York

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks, The Butcher Bloks and Wooden Kitchenware Designer

Brand’s Overview / Information :

Founded by Nils Wessell, a woodworker living and working in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Butcher Blocks makes classic yet innovative wooden kitchenware of the finest quality.

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks is located in Brooklyn NY and specializes in butcher blocks and other wooden kitchenware. As founder, Nils take pride in the craft and keep all elements of production in the USA – from the glue to the labor.

The lumber comes to Brooklyn Butcher Blocks rough cut from Pennsylvania to the shop in Gowanus, where Nils surface everything so it’s perfectly flat. Doing so helps ensure a strong glue joint. The used glue is manufactured in Columbus, OH and after a couple rounds of gluing, comes hours of sanding. The boards then take a bath in a vat of mineral oil for an hour and dry overnight. The next morning, they get buffed off with some beeswax-mineral oil mix (the beeswax is from NY). All of the refuse is composted at Compost For Brooklyn in Kensington.

Therefore, while Brooklyn Butcher Blocks’ workshop may be humble, you’ll see that simplicity, functionality and elegance define the work. Nils do it all : custom cutting boards, cheeseboards, serving platters, knife racks, butcher blocks, countertops, table tops, repairs and resurfacing services.

Contact Details :

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks
Brooklyn, NY
United States

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Pop Up Shop Tablecase of Brooklyn Butcher Blocks at Renegade Craft Fair, New York