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HOME • Calico Wallpaper, Bespoke Wallpaper Designer in Brooklyn
Brass Cloth Wallpaper Collection at ICFF 2015 by Calico Wallpaper, New York

Calico Wallpaper, Bespoke Wallpaper Designer in Brooklyn

Calico, Brooklyn-based Bespoke Wallpaper Designer

Brand’s Overview / Information :

Founded by Rachel and Nick Cope in 2013, Calico Wallpaper is a designer of bespoke wallpaper.

Calico Wallpaper began with the inspiration to move art beyond the frame and incorporate its elements into everyday interior spaces. Through experimentation with the re-appropriation of traditional art forms, and the digital enlargement of unique, handmade patterns, the idea was born to create custom fit, non-repeating wall murals.

Their process combines artisanal methods from the decorative arts with innovative digital technologies. The result is an entirely customized and non-repeating wall mural.

Calico aims to raise wallpaper to the status of art through their original use of gilded metallic colors and a buoyant style which creates depth and movement.

Calico Wallpaper has worked with a global roster of leading designers and architects. The team works closely with their clients’ design vision to achieve dramatic and exclusive installations.

Contact Details / Address :

Calico Wallpaper
275 Conover St, Suite 3G
Brooklyn, NY 11231
United States

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