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Symbol Coat Rack Design Manufactured by DESU Design, Brooklyn

DESU Design, Brooklyn

DESU Design, Contempoary Furniture and Home Decor Manufacturer

Brand’s Overview / Information :

Established in 2005, DESU Design is design company specializing in contemporary furniture & home decor.

Based in Brooklyn, NY & Bondville, VT, DESU Design strive to make innovative products that blur the boundary between art and design.

DESU Design’s goal is to create pieces of lasting quality, retaining their beauty and functionality for generations.

DESU utilize the precision of modern manufacturing methods with the unmatched skills of the human hand. Inspiration comes from forms found in nature, the history of modern design, and the combined beauty of geometry and the machine.

Contact Details :

DESU Design
87 Richardson St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
United States

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