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Laser Cut Steel Light Shelves Design by DYAD Brooklyn, New York

DYAD Design Studio, Brookyln

DYAD, Brooklyn-based Contemporary Design Studio

Brand’s Overview / Information :

Established in 1994 by designer Douglas Fanning, DYAD studio’s brave, contemporary designs each represent a unique piece of beauty and function.

DYAD has evolved into a dynamic, multi-disciplined collaboration, which harnesses seamless creative dialogue between intellectual exploration and the organic realization of ideas, through making and doing.

DYAD’s timeless furnishings and interiors share a deep respect for proportion and scale, structure and detail.

To own a DYAD design is to join a triumph in creating fearless architecturally inspired art forms, built with the greatest care and the highest quality.

Contact Details :

DYAD Studio
152 Centre Street
Brooklyn, New York, 11231
United States

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