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Easter Design of Custom 3D Printed Vase by fahz, New York

fahz, Brooklyn

fahz, Custom 3D Printed Vase Manufacturer

Brand’s Overview / Information :

fahz is a project by Nick and Martha Desbiens from Desbiens Design Research that aimed to create a beautiful custom 3D-printed vase from your photos.

This project began as an overly ambitious Mother’s Day gift from Nick to Martha. Rather than designing a single vase, Nick decided to design a generative vase design system. Drawing from his background as an architect and computational designer, Nick utilized customized software (Rhino, Grasshopper, Python, Processing, etc.) to produce a detailed parametric model.

The original idea was to update the file with new profiles once a year (children grow), thereby solving the Mother’s Day gift conundrum once and for all. It was only as Martha began to show the vase to friends and family that we began to think about ways to expand the project.

The vase begins with facial profile photos that are converted into vector geometry. The outlines from the photos become the scaffolding for a 3D model that merges the distinct profiles into a continuous sculptural form.

Once the custom digital model is generated, the file is sent directly to a 3D printer to create the highly detailed vase in lightweight, durable PLA plastic.

Contact Details / Address :

fahz / Desbiens Design Research
Brooklyn, NY
United States

Featured Images / Pictures from The Photo Gallery