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Candlestick City Design by Noah Spencer for Fort Makers, New York

Fort Makers, Brooklyn

Fort Makers, Functional and Interactive Art

Brand’s Overview / Information :

Founded in 2008 by Nana Spears, Noah Spencer, Naomi Clark and Elizabeth Whitcomb, Fort Makers is an artist collective, inspired by the Bauhaus, that makes functional and interactive art.

Fort Makers create large-scale public art installations, as well as a wide variety of fashion and home products. Each piece reflects the unique hand of the artist and the energy and inspiration of the group. The vast array of objects they’ve made is a reflection of the overall goal that aimed to create a three-dimensional and immersive, visual world, or rather, an artistic brand.

Contact Details / Address :

Fort Makers
20 Grand Ave, Studio 409
Brooklyn, NY 11205
United States

Featured Images / Pictures from The Photo Gallery
BAGGU Bags Painted by Naomi Clark for Fort Makers, New York
LED Line Lights Design by Noah Spencer for Fort Makers, New York