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Levitation Art Installation at Jay Bond Gallery by Kraustudio, Brooklyn

Kraustudio, Brooklyn

Kraustudio, Brooklyn-based Contemporary Sculptor.

Brand’s Overview / Information :

Founded by Pavel Kraus, a Czech-American contemporary sculptor, Karustudio is works in the pietre-dure technique using marble and semi-precious stones.

Pavel Kraus work out of his studio in DUMBO, Brooklyn and a studio in Udaipur, India. His works have transformed very much over the years from religious and spiritual excavations out of wood, wax, and lead to the current pristine marble and semi-precious stone works. He believe in high quality work with good design and deep mythical & spiritual attachments.

Pavel Kraus has been reviewed in AiA several times and have shown at galleries in Czech Republic and the US, including the Czech Museum of Fine Art, Skidmore College, OK Harris, Art Institute of Chicago, Brandeis University, Robert Pardo Gallery, Anita Shapolsky Gallery, Bond Gallery, DBN Exhibition Space, Sally Hawkins, University of Wyoming, Joyce Goldstein, and the Penn Modern.

Contact Details / Address :

Brooklyn, New York
United States

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