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Studio Interior Design of Lesh Studio in Brooklyn, New York

Lesh Studio, Brooklyn

Lesh, Hand-woven Jewelry Design Studio

Brand’s Overview / Information :

Lesh is a line of hand-woven jewelry created by photographer turned fiber-artist, Summer Moore.

Inspired by antique Andean textiles seen throughout the Sacred Valley of Peru, Summer returned home to New York eager to learn the intricate practice of weaving. Upon speaking with her family about her new interest, she discovered her grandmother, Helen Jane, had been an avid weaver as well. Helen had introduced Summer to a wide range of creative mediums throughout her childhood, instilling the value of individual expression through craft. Although they never had the opportunity to weave together, her grandmother’s unique tapestries continue to inspire Summer’s development as a fiber artist. Lesh was Helen Jane’s maiden name.

In the Fall of 2013, Summer participated in an artist residency in the small Turkish village of Ibrahimpaşa, where she immersed herself in weaving complex fiber jewelry and experimenting with hand-dyed materials. The local artisans and surreal lunar landscape of Cappadocia were the perfect inspiration. It was through this experience Lesh was cultivated into a line of jewelry, with a Brooklyn-based studio soon following.

Originating from a curiosity and union of experiences, each Lesh piece is handwoven in Gowanus using cotton fibers from Brazil and 100% recycled thread from Germany. No two pieces are exactly alike, and they are fitting for all who are inspired by the world and appreciate the warmth of handmade goods.

Contact Details / Address :

Brooklyn, NY
United States

Featured Images / Pictures from The Photo Gallery
Handwoven Jewelry Design by Lesh Studio in Brooklyn, New York