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Haydron Watering Can Design by Light and Ladder, Brooklyn

Light + Ladder, Brooklyn

Light + Ladder, Fine Objects Design Studio

Brand’s Overview / Information :

Founded in 2013, Light + Ladder is a design studio that produces fine objects for home.

Light + Ladder is the culmination of founder Farrah Sit’s dream to create a business based on quality, function, beauty and community. With the ethos “own less and own well,” designer Farrah Sit focuses on creating strikingly simple objects that speak to their intended purpose.

Farrah left the business model of the fashion industry for the independent studios of Brooklyn to make objects that inspire peace and human connection from designer to manufacturer to consumer.

As company, Light + Ladder hopes to represent a return to meaningful consumption by providing artistic, one-of-a-kind, American-made accessories for the home. Each product is inspired by the vivid simplicity of the natural world. Light + Ladder think the home should be like a garden, and we should bring the nature inside with a sleek yet practical approach to luxury.

All of Light + Ladder’s products are locally sourced and produced, designed by a network of independent artists in Brooklyn, New York. It is the collaborative effort between friends that sets the products apart, combining each artist’s individual mastery of different crafts and materials into a business that has variety, meaning and value.

Contact Details / Address :

Light + Ladder
67 West St. Suite #601
Brooklyn, NY 11222
United States

Featured Images / Pictures from The Photo Gallery
Archromo Stoneware Planter Design by Light and Ladder, Brooklyn
Parallax Brass Bottle Opener Design by Light and Ladder, Brooklyn