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Lucia Pearl Jewelry Design Collection for High Gloss Houston 2015

Lucia Pearl Jewelry, Brooklyn

Brand’s Overview / Information :

Launched in 2014, Lucia Pearl Jewelry is a line of smart, elegant, versatile and completely handmade jewelry by Lucia Perluck.

Lucia Pearl Jewelry was launched with the intentions of bringing thoughtfully designed pieces to the mainstream market.

In Lucia’s continuously-expanding debut collection “Pipe Dreams” she choose to disregard the conventions of everyday jewelry and utilize clever mechanisms in her work that encourage the wearer to interact with the piece in more ways than one. Inspired by sparkling skylines, subway tunnels, and street style, Pipe Dreams is all about having high hopes for the big city.

Lucia’s most recent project is a collaboration with a master engraver in Morocco, a relationship established through an artist residency in Fes this past fall. “Maalem + Maalema” is inspired by Moroccan motifs and blends traditional techniques with modern design. One-of-a-kind pieces from this collection are engraved in Morocco and formed and finished in Brooklyn, while a growing collection of production pieces are cast from hand-engraved originals.

Contact Details / Address :

Luci Pearl Jewelry
Brooklyn, NY
United States

Featured Images / Pictures from The Photo Gallery
Lucia Pearl Jewelry Design Collection at Renegade Craft Fair 2015, Brooklyn
Maalem and Maalema Necklace Design by Lucia Pearl Jewelry, Brooklyn