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Studio Interior Design by MOR-HE Art Tectonics, Brooklyn

MOR-HE Art Tectonics, Brooklyn

Brand’s Overview / Information :

A Czech Republic native who studied architecture at Kansas State, designer Roman Heczko brings his Northern Moravian & Heartland upbringing, as well as his world travel in the U.S., Europe & Africa to his designs.

Roman Heczko, principal and creator of MOR-HE Art Tectonics, was born in Trinec, Czech Republic. Moving to America at an early age, Roman grew up and graduated with a degree in Architecture from Kansas State University in 2002. Since then he has been shaping, practicing, and expanding in the craft of the architecture profession.

Roman has been acquiring many experiences in various States around the U.S, Europe, & Africa. His blend of Northern Moravian & Heartland upbringing, and now living in New York City, have blossomed and materialized into a pathway to achieve great design, craft, and created him to establish MOR-HE Art Tectonics, Flower of Life series.

The 2015 design anchors around the beautifully crafted architectural dining/living room masterpiece meant to resemble a geometric setting as it’s own self sustaining oasis within any space. The current products, Golden Mean Credenza – Cube, Golden Mean Credenza – Door, Barrel Table, Vesica Chairs, and the Fountain Light are fully designed or can be custom tailored to each individuals needs.

MOR-HE Art Tectonics furniture is characterized by its geometric nature, and the idea of each piece being a self-sustaining oasis within a space.

Contact Details / Address :

MOR-HE Art Tectonics
Brooklyn, NY
United States

Featured Images / Pictures from The Photo Gallery
Golden Credenza Cabinet Design by MOR-HE Art Tectonics, Brooklyn
Vesica Chair Design by MOR-HE Art Tectonics, Brooklyn