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Naula Lounge Furniture Design Collection at ICFF 2015, New York

Naula, Brooklyn

Brand’s Overview / Information :

Founded in 2002, modern simplicity met with nostalgic craftsmanship represent the highest quality of custom furniture for designer Angel Naula who has, over the past decade, brought together a group of highly-skilled artisans and a visionary ingenuity to create a workshop that thrives on the idea that, at its inception, each piece is of its own eclectic design.

“My work involves very specific elements of the traditional furniture I grew up building in my family’s workshop – the singularity of each piece, the craft and the skill – and fusing it with elements of modern aesthetics – the art, the design, and the functionality,” says Naula.

Symmetrically drawing the senses together – how it looks and how it feels – begins with an attention to detail that few furniture manufacturers offer. It is this philosophy and the group that sustains it that defines Naula Workshop.

Contact Details / Address :

Naula Showroom
349 Suydam Street
Third Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Naula Offices
349 Suydam Street
Fourth Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Featured Images / Pictures from The Photo Gallery
Furniture Design Collection by Naula at BKLYN DESIGNS 2015, New York
Furniture Design Collection by Naula at ICFF 2015, New York
Seating Furniture Design Collection by Naula at ICFF 2015, New York