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Lighting Design Collection by Otis and Otis at BKLYN DESIGNS 2015, New York

Otis and Otis, Brooklyn

Otis and Otis, NYC-based Furniture and Objects Design Studio.

Brand’s Overview / Information :

Otis and Otis is a design studio founded by Casey Otis.

Casey is a New York City based designer whose objects feature the expressiveness of their materials as a prominent element. His pieces generally make use of raw forms and textures created by materials and chance. He also explores the variety of shapes and effects that can be created by the arrangement of simple elements.

Casey has gravitated towards the combination of the functional and the expressive afforded by working in furniture and lighting. A conscious involvement during the making of each individual piece is an integral part of his process, and dealing with surprising outcomes one of its pleasures. Many ideas in his work are developed from a form, texture or color seen incidentally while working on something else. Casey uses his work to explore how materials can speak for themselves when heated, broken, or otherwise manipulated. Experimentation with technique, material and arrangement is a fundamental element of his work.

All pieces are hand made in Brooklyn, New York. An emphasis is placed on craftsmanship and quality of materials.

All pieces are available in custom versions, including alternate materials, sizes and configurations. Design work, including sketches, 3D modeling and drawings, as well as material and finish samples are available.

Contact Details / Address :

Otis and Otis
Brooklyn, New York
United States

Featured Images / Pictures from The Photo Gallery
Copper Wall Sconces Lighting Design by Otis and Otis, New York