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Repurposed Hardwood Fire Starter Design by Peg Woodworking, New York

Peg Woodworking, Brooklyn

Peg Woodworking, Brooklyn Made Furniture Designer and Woodworker

Brand’s Overview / Information :

Founded in 2013, Peg Woodworking is Brooklyn made furniture with hand woven components as well as small scale home goods such as wooden hanging planters with macrame details and match book holders.

Peg Woodworking is a one woman operation run by designer and woodworker Kate Casey. Coming from a background in sculpture Kate began making custom designed furniture in 2013 incorporating elements of hand made joinery, Danish cord weaving, crochet, macrame and shaker techniques. Each piece is sustainably designed using local and non toxic lumber, natural oil sealants as well as all natural cotton cord.

Kate has always been greatly influenced by complex geometric patterning and utilizes them regularly in the design process. Most pieces begin with a drawn geometric inspiration that evolves with the design process and although they may stray slightly from the original rendering, the core of the work refers back to that initial idea.

Contact Details / Address :

Peg Woodworking
Brooklyn, NY
United States

Featured Images / Pictures from The Photo Gallery
Fireside Stool Design by Peg Woodworking, New York
Handmade Steelheart Dining Chair Design by Peg Woodworking, New York