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Capuchinas Bracelet as Women Fashion Jewelry by Pico Design, New York

Pico Design, Brooklyn

Pico Design, Architecture Inspired Jewelry Designer

Brand’s Overview / Information :

Andrea Panico formed Pico Design in 2005 with the vision of creating jewelry inspired by her love of architecture.

The company name Pico, a short form of the Italian word piccolo (meaning little or small), reflects Panico’s belief that little details in the items we wear, live in, and use can make a big impact on our daily experience. Pico’s mantra? We may not all be architects, but we’re all building something.

The resulting line, aptly called Little Architecture, is inspired by some of the great architects and buildings of the last 100 years. As a product designer, Owner and Creative Director Panico creates jewelry like “an architect of small things,” with a focus on unique connections and construction details.

Panico is an industrial designer with a strong background in a range of categories for both retail and to-the-trade markets. With twenty years experience, including positions as a furniture designer, a tabletop designer for retailer West Elm, and as the Director of Product Design and Licensing for world renowned interior designer Clodagh, she brings a fresh perspective to jewelry design.

Pico’s jewelry is designed in New Jersey and made in Bali, Indonesia and New York. About one third of our line is made in NYC and Brooklyn, where they work with local bench jewelers to produce the pieces. The line is carried in over 100 stores worldwide, including the Guggenheim Museum, SF Moma, and the Getty Museum in LA.

Contact Details / Address :

Pico Design
Brooklyn, NY
United States

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Dystopia Necklace as Women Fashion Jewelry by Pico Design, New York
Ring Things as Women Fashion Jewelry by Pico Design, New York