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Decorative Clocks Design by Westkill at West Elm Market, Brooklyn

Westkill, Brooklyn

Westkill, High Design Objects With Roots in The Natural World.

Brand’s Overview / Information :

Founded by cousins Joe Silver and Justin Horowitz, Westkill combined experience in painting, sculpture, metal gilding, faux finishing and architecture.

The duo brings a high-art sensibility to interior spaces, producing beautiful, functional objects that feel essential to a room – never excessive.

Westkill home goods occupy the space between rugged and refined. Sleek lines collide with tactile surfaces in clocks, coasters and decorative pieces made from minimally finished wood, the texture of the grain intact.

Each work begins with raw hardwood, hewn from the branches and trunks of Northeast-native trees: cherry, walnut, ash. Using a proprietary screen-printing technique, eco-friendly pigments are transferred to the irregularly shaped timber in graphic patterns and saturated swaths of color overlaying the natural tone of the wood.

The creation of every piece is an exercise in three dimensions, with each ridge and warp enriching the final product. Everyday objects are elevated.

Contact Details / Address :

Westkill Design
174 Bogart Street #303
Brooklyn, NY 11206
United States

Featured Images / Pictures from The Photo Gallery
Decorative Clocks Design by Westkill at NY NOW 2015, New York