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Kinetic Furniture Collection for Hotel Resource at Dwell on Design 2014 by Think Fabricate

Kinetic, Fine Furniture Design Collection by Think Fabricate, Brooklyn

Functional and luxury fine furniture design collection for hospitality industry.

Debuted for the first time at “Hotel Resource”, the Resource Furniture luxury micro-hotel room at Dwell on Design 2014, Kinetic is the newest collection of Think Fabricate that offer highly functional yet luxurious style of fine furniture.

Created with the Hotel Resource micro-hotel room in mind, Kinetic collection features three brand-new pieces :

  • Hide and Seek Modular Wall-Mounted Mirrored Cabinet System
  • Slide Credenza with Optional Mini-Fridge
  • Lift Coffe Table / Work Surface / Storage Table

All of the new pieces comes in a rich palette of materials featuring metallic-finished oak, hand-rubbed walnut, and lacquer–all filled with new functionality.

The hide and seek modular wall-mounted mirrored cabinet system is a series of four cabinets that form a composition, unified by bevel doors in glass and walnut. This composition and detailing is blended with the bar component of TV Quilt XL, plus something every hotel room needs—an ironing board station.

The Kinetic’s slide credenza with optional mini-fridge is designed to work perfectly in the hotel suite with the wall-mounted bar unit. It contains plenty of storage drawers, plus a refrigerator to complete mini-bar, concealed behind a beautiful sliding panel with signature bevel detail.

The third pieceof Kinetic collection is designed to coordinate with their Tango sofa, providing a coffee table, plus a work station that can be used while seated on the sofa. It has specific storage space for the remote, laptop, and that extra blanket every hotel room needs.

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Hide and Seek Cabinet System of Kinetic Furniture Collection by Think Fabricate
Lift Coffee Table and Workstation of Kinetic Furniture Collection by Think Fabricate
Room Interior Design with Kinetic Furniture Collection by Think Fabricate
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