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3D Design of Koby Cottage Dining Room Interior by Garrison Architects, NY

Design Tips for Planning Room Interior

Once you know how you want a room to function, what its natural architectural features are, and how traffic will flow through it, the time has come to reshuffle furniture. To save wear and tear on your body and on your furniture, however, pre plan your arrangement the easy way on paper.

By experimentally positioning and repositioning your furnishings with some plan in a paper, you can try lots of new ideas before setting on the best arrangement. A paper plan also can help you create a balance of furniture sizes, as well as colors and patterns, throughout your rooms.

Drawing a plan for room interior design and furnishings

Start with a sheet of ¼ inch graph paper and let each square represent one foot. Carefully measure your room and sketch its outline on the graph paper as shown at right. Be sure to indicate windows and doors (and the directions in which they swing), all electrical outlets, telephones and telephone jacks, light switches, the cable television entry point, and even furnace vents and cold-air returns in the floor and walls. Also indicate any architectural features, such as s fireplace, an archway, or built-in bookshelves.

Now note the room’s traffic patterns on the plan, using lines and arrows; allow at least 2 feet (two graph paper squares) for each lane. (You can change the traffic lanes later as you position your furnishings.) leave at least a 3-foot clearance at all interior doorways, and try to allow 4 feet at an entry door.

To give your groupings adding interest, try to find a logical focus for each. If you don’t have an obvious one—such as a fireplace, a picture window with a good view, or built-in book and display shelving—don’t despair. You can create a focal point. For example, an unusual window treatment, an eye-riveting gallery wall, or a special storage unit would work well. Once you’ve found your center of interest, play it up by arranging your furnishings around it.

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