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Living Room Interior with Benchstool by Avandi Studio, New York

Thinks as Designer, The Flexibility of Furniture

Furniture that’s flexible and easily rearranged provides you with quick ways to change your room interior landscapes.

One of the most versatile pieces you can buy is futon. This cotton mattresses have served as beds in Japan for centuries and home recently made their way to the West. A futon can lie flat for sleeping, fold against a wall, or change into a low-slung chair. You can place a futon directly on the floor, but for more comfort, raise it on slatted wooden bed, sofa, or chair frames. Futons are excellent choices for any living area where space is at a premium. They also work well in kids room, where they double as lounge pieces.

Flexibility is a plus for storage. With modular storage units you get display and storage space – and the chance to choose the configuration you want – with drawer units, open shelves, cabinets, or even a pull-down desk.

When you furnish a room for a child, keep in mind that children grow – and grow quickly. Their sleeping and storage needs change, too. The crib-and-chest combination shown below, for example, matures along with a child. At first perfectly at home in a nursery, it later changes into a single bed with storage drawers below and a three-drawer nightstand.

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